Alia is a premium yacht builder based in Antalya, Turkey.

Each new build is a bespoke journey, pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship, technology and refinement to bring your vision of the ideal yacht to life. 

Pursuit of perfection is your uniquely personal evolution of the superyacht. From first vision to first voyage.




Located in the port of Antalya on the beautiful Turkish Riviera, our Lloyds-certified shipyard currently occupies approximately 8,000 m2, including three construction halls with their suites of specialist workshops and a dedicated interiors facility. With the additional 16,000 m2 under development for 2019, Alia Yachts will rank among the top facilities in the region.


With a workforce of highly experienced men and women, Alia Yachts is dedicated to turning drawings from some of the world’s greatest designers into a reality that exceeds all expectations.

Our pursuit of perfection engages only the most talented and proficient individuals from the hugely diverse range of disciplines required to build a custom yacht. We place equal emphasis on technology and craftsmanship, and see the intergenerational transmission of artisanal skills as vital to the future of the yacht industry.


Nothing can replace the savoir-faire accumulated over time spent practising – and perfecting – one’s craft. Our engineers, shipwrights, technicians, electricians, mechanics, welders and laminators all have significant experience in their fields, giving them invaluable insight into solutions for even the most complex yacht concepts.

All our yachts are built to the highest international quality standards, and the most exigent levels of comfort and safety. With the absolute dedication and commitment of all involved, an Alia Yacht is built to become an enduring legacy.


A superyacht interior may be considered a form of experiential art. 

Entertaining, thought-provoking or simply awe-inspiring, a custom yacht of this calibre will always be compelling and original. The crucial proviso is that it must also work. The functional experience must be impeccable; no hitch, no glitch, no lapse in taste.  

The Interiors team at Alia Yachts exists to deliver such perfection.




Alia Yachts Interiors Atelier is a dedicated, 3000 m2 facility employing a team of 80. With the capacity to completely design, specify, create and fit custom luxury interiors on superyachts, we collaborate with some of the world’s most renowned designers. Our Interiors project managers are all highly experienced in coordinating craftsmen and interfacing with designers, interior architects and industrial designers to deliver on the individual owner’s dream.


Our team includes experts in the sourcing and handling of specialised veneers, exotic leathers, marble, quartz and other natural stone, glass and hard metals, as well as more rare or antique materials that may be specified for a custom design. We are aware of issues around sustainability and ecologically sound practice, and adept at finishing eco-friendly materials to make them look or feel as opulent as desired.


Our approach is both meticulous and daring. Our belief in superlative craftsmanship ensures museum quality cabinetry or marble inlay, for example, while our enthusiasm for new technology leads us to constantly push the boundaries.

What can a given material or technique achieve? The answer frequently transpires in new finishes, forms and effects, many of which live on as custom creations for the ultimate expression of an owner’s taste. Combining tradition with technology such as digital, laser or water-jet cutting or CNC machining can lead to unprecedented dynamism in bringing a luxury design to life.

One reason that people choose custom-built yachts is because they have more character. The hand-crafted parts of those yachts are what give them their soul.

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