Our in-house interiors atelier

To complement the shipyard, Alia Yacht Builders also has its own in-house interiors atelier, which engineers and fits interiors for all Alia new-build yachts, and also undertakes refits and refurbishments on request. Our specialist designers and craftspeople work closely with their colleagues in the shipyard, ensuring a smooth, seamless process and helping to keep your project on time and on budget.

As with yacht construction, all interiors are fully bespoke and commissioned in collaboration with the client’s team.

Alia Yachts team checking plans and constructing room prototype

Precision, perfected

We translate the design concept into layout and shop drawings, then create precise templates for full 1:1 scale mock-ups – cabin by cabin, deck by deck – for the entire yacht interior. Together with the client, we check walls, floors, doors, windows, cabinets, beds, furniture, air-vents and other elements, ensuring everything works perfectly. That attention to detail extends to every part of the yacht, including the crew quarters. Once the layout, materials and colours are signed off, everything is carefully packed up and transferred to the shipyard for installation. 

Experts in materials

Over interiors departments includes over 100 designers and craftspeople. They have exceptional practical and problem-solving skills in a wide range of specialisms, including carpentry, upholstery, veneering and furniture-making to metalworking, fibreglass moulding and gold-plating and leafing. We work in materials including wood, stone, metals, textiles, leather and composites: we also have particular expertise in creating advanced finishes that precisely replicate rare, exotic materials, helping to avoid potentially lengthy and costly delays.

Interior construction seamster with a sewing machine